About Secure Collections & Investigations Limited


Incorporated in 2013, Secure Collections & Investigations Limited is a debt recovery & process serving agency based in Newmarket, Auckland, providing debt recovery & collection, debt litigation, process serving, private investigation, tracing & repossession services nationwide.


Secure Collections is not like the traditional collection agencies that operate from a large call centre, our point of difference is that we visit all debtors in person to negotiate payment of your debt. Most debtors have more than one bad debt, or are facing cash flow issues and we make your debt their biggest priority so you get paid first.


When you enlist our services, a collection officer will be assigned to your case and they will be in contact with you from start to finish, providing regular updates of the recovery process and answering any questions you may have. We visit the debtor in person, serve a demand for payment and discuss repayment. This gives the debtor 7 days to pay the debt in full or make a repayment proposal. We will then report back to you and advise you of the options and take the appropriate action to recover your money.


Should the debtor fail or neglect to pay a debt, we can commence litigation and/or enforcement to recover debts including standard notice of proceedings, summary judgment proceedings, statutory demand & liquidation proceedings and bankruptcy notice & creditors application proceedings. These methods show your debtor that you are serious about recovering your debt and leads to faster payment, less disputes and an overall higher success rate.


Debt collection is not for everyone, but we enjoy providing a successful service to our clients. We have agents and contracted barristers & Solicitors nationwide wide and provide the following services:


– Commercial & personal debt recovery;
– Enforcement of Court Orders & Judgments;
– Debt Litigation;
– Tracing (locating debtors);
– Process Serving;
– Private Investigation & Surveillance;
– Repossession & Asset Recovery;
– Debtor Interviews & Agent Field Calls;
– Pre-employment background checks;
– Third Party Insurance Recoveries & Investigations;
– Bankruptcy Proceedings;
– Liquidation Proceedings.


We understand that debt collection can be a stressful, expensive and time consuming process if you aren’t a professional. We make your problem our priority. We have a high success rate and strive to provide an affordable, professional and efficient service. If you want your money back, with little stress and at an affordable price, call us today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


How Do I Get The Process Underway?
Either fill out the Contact Form, load a debt via our online Collection Authority, or call us now to get your debt collection underway.