You’ve Obtained A Judgment, But Sometimes You’ll Still Need To Enforcement The Judgment


Even though you’ve obtained a Judgment or Court Order against your debtor (who is now referred to as the judgment debtor) they may still fail or refuse to pay the judgment debt.


Now you have to consider whether the judgment debtor has any income or assets to pay the debt before you go to the next level.


This next level is the enforcement of the judgment on the judgment debtor.


You can enforce a judgment yourself through the collections department of the Court, but this is usually a lengthy process that doesn’t always work out unless you know the tricks of the trade.


You can also engage a Solicitor yourself, but the Court only awards a percentage of Solicitor’s actual legal costs, so this can leave you out of pocket.


It’s recommended that you seek some independent advice if you intend to enforce a debtor judgment on your own.


The better option is to speak with Secure Collections about your judgment. We are specialists at enforcement of judgments and can take care of this whole process for you.


Should the judgment debtor fail or neglect to pay the judgment debt, we can commence enforcement in conjunction with our contracted barristers and solicitors to recover debts including statutory demands and liquidation (for companies) and bankruptcy and creditors applications (for individuals). These methods show the judgment debtor that you are serious about recovering your judgment debt and leads to faster payment, less disputes and an overall higher success rate.


We work closely with a number of barristers, solicitors, liquidators and receivers who, along with our expert collections team and in-house solicitor can ensure that you get the best advice to help you make the right decisions and, ultimately, obtain the best outcome from any enforcement action.


The expert barristers & solicitors we work alongside can assist with the preparation and filing of all District and High Court enforcement applications; attend any financial assessment hearings; and issue liquidation and/or bankruptcy proceedings. We can offer very competitive pricing in comparison with engaging a solicitor yourself.


There is a lot to consider and some of it can be a bit confusing.


However, you have a debtor judgment which has still not been paid.


Why not have Secure Collections take care of everything?


Fill out the Contact Form or call us now to get your judgment enforced.