Still Have Questions? These Debt Collection FAQ’s Should Help

A: We collect debts from $1,000.00 upwards.

A: For the fastest results, we would recommend having one of our collectors personally serve the debtor. We also provide the option to courier a demand letter but, obviously, this is the slower option and it is easier for the debtor to ignore. Also, serving a debtor whose address is known is a much faster process than trying to track someone down. Some debts are collected in hours, some in months, or even years; however the average turnaround is two months. Rest assured – we won’t stop until the job is done!

A: This depends on how fast you want to recover your debt. You can choose to have a demand sent by courier which is generally used for smaller debts, or served by one of our agents for larger debts. We also have standard commission rates depending on the size of the debt. Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss.

A: Absolutely. We are specialists at locating debtors. We’ve seen this many times before, so we know the ‘tricks of the trade’ that people use when trying to disappear.

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