What’s The Difference Between Process Serving And Document Serving?


Whilst these terms are used almost interchangeably by those outside of the legal field, there is a difference between them.


If you wish to commence legal proceedings in NZ, then you need to serve your claim upon the person/business that you are issuing proceedings against; they will then be referred to as the defendant.


Process Serving is the actual delivery of the document(s) to the defendant by an individual who is not a party to the claim; this person is called the process server. Once the Process Serving has been completed, the process server will provide an affidavit of service which proves that the document(s) have been delivered to the defendant.


Document Serving can be any kind of notice, claim, demand, order or other legal document which is to be formally delivered to a person or business.


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We aim to complete Document Serving within 48 hours of the documents being received by our agent and we have the resources, experience and nationwide network of agents to back this up.


Do I Need A Process Server?


If you are about to commence legal proceedings against a person or business, then you need to ensure that your processes are thorough and fully compliant.


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