So, The Person Who Owes You Money Or That You Need To Serve Has Disappeared? You Need Our Tracing Service


Maybe it’s a tenant who suddenly moved out leaving property damage and unpaid rent? Or perhaps it’s a contractor who took your money up-front but hasn’t finished the work and now can’t be contacted?


People can decide to make themselves hard to find for a variety of reasons. They know that you can’t collect the debt or serve legal documents on them if they can’t be found.


You can waste a lot of hours trying to search for them online.


Fortunately we have access to a number of private and public databases, which allow us to locate people throughout the country.


As Licensed Private Investigators and having undertaken thousands of traces over the years, we know the tricks that people generally use, as well as those used by people who are a bit better at covering their tracks.


When you engage Secure Collections for your debtor tracing you can be confident that we will leave no stone unturned in the search.


Fill out the Contact Form or call us now to get your debtor tracing underway.