Mate, I’ve Got A Big Problem And I Need Some Advice

It was last Thursday morning that I got the call from Barry.


I’ve known Barry for years, both socially and professionally, and he’s always been rock-solid and dependable. But what he said really surprised me.


“Mate, I’ve got a big problem and need some advice. I did some work for a guy some months ago and he still hasn’t paid me for it yet. It’s a fair size bill, too. $27,000. He keeps making promises to pay and then excuses when those promises aren’t kept. Now he’s put me into a hole. I’ve been delaying payments to a couple of my own suppliers and now one of them is about to drop the bar on me. If I don’t pay his bill, he’ll close my account. Then the word will go round and my business will suffer, big time.”


So I asked him what his debt collection agency had been doing about this guy and Barry said that he’d been doing all of the chasing himself. I asked him what letters and emails he had sent about this overdue bill and he said that there weren’t really any, because he’d done everything over the phone.


I told Barry that he was an idiot and that there are some jobs that can get you in a lot of trouble when you don’t know what you’re doing.


“Call Secure Collections immediately,” I said. “Get a professional debt collection agency to handle everything. They’ll serve the demand letter, take care of any legals and efficiently manage the whole debt collection process”.


Barry called me again just now to say that Secure Collections had got him his money. “Great,” I said, “it’s your shout for lunch tomorrow”.


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