Customer Success Stories


One of our new clients obtained Judgement in the sum of $22,189.66 in February 2015. The debt wasn’t paid and our client handed the debt to a collection agency in April 2015. The collection agency could not find the debtor, so the client applied for a financial assessment by the Court in July 2015. The Court Bailiff’s were unable to locate the debtor, and when they spoke to him on the phone he refused to pay or provide a current address. The Court couldn’t locate the debtor, so nothing happened. On 25 January 2016 the client loaded the debt with us. Because we have access to all credit databases in NZ, not just one, we located the debtor within 48 hours and went to visit them. After initially refusing to pay, we advised the debtor of the enforcement action that would follow (bankruptcy) and what effect this would have on them. It turns out they had been misinformed and thought by declaring bankruptcy the debt wouldn’t have to be paid and there would be no further issues for him. After being given this correct information, the debtor paid half the debt within 2 hours of our visit, and the debt was paid in full less than a week later.


A company contacted us to collect a $9000.00 debt from a former client. A quick credit check showed the debtor owed over $6,500.00 to a few companies. These were all lodged with another collection agency however after over a year, nothing had been paid. After some extensive tracing we contacted the debtor who told us they were not working and had no money, that’s why the debts remained unpaid. A few checks of social media showed this debtor was working and earning very good money. When we showed the debtor we had this information, the debt was paid immediately. We go the extra mile for our clients, and that’s why we get results.