Customer Success Stories

Debt Collection Success Stories

An individual obtained a Judgment in the sum of $22,189.66. The debt wasn’t paid and our client handed the debt to a well known collection agency. The collection agency could not find the debtor, nothing happened. The client then applied for a financial assessment by the Court. The Court Bailiff’s were unable to locate the debtor, and when they spoke to him on the phone he refused to pay or provide a current address, so nothing happened.

The client then loaded the debt with us. Because we are licensed private investigators and have extensive experience in tracing debtors, we located the debtor within 48 hours and went to visit them. After initially refusing to pay, we advised the debtor of the enforcement action that would follow (bankruptcy) and what effect this would have on them. It turns out they had been misinformed and thought by declaring bankruptcy the debt wouldn’t have to be paid and there would be no further issues for him. After being given this correct information, the debtor paid half the debt within 2 hours of our visit, and the debt was paid in full less than a week later.


A company engaged us to collect a $9,000.00 debt from a former client who was an individual. A credit check showed the debtor owed over $6,500.00 to a several other creditors. These were all lodged with another collection agency however after over a year, nothing had been paid. After some extensive tracing we contacted the debtor who told us they were not working and had no money, that’s why the debts remained unpaid. A few checks of social media showed this debtor was working and earning very good money. When showed the debtor we had this information, the debt was paid immediately.


A company engaged us to collect a $17,204.28 debt owed by another company. The debtor company was well known around town for not paying debts and had numerous credit defaults on it’s credit report. The creditor had engaged another debt collector and their solicitor, both had been unable to collect the debt in an 18 month period.

On receiving the file, we immediately visited the director of the debtor company who told us in no uncertain terms that we were not going to be able to collect the debt. We then made an application to liquidate the company and were able to recover the debt and all our costs in full in less than 2 months.

The creditor then referred two other companies to us who were also owed money, and we also collected their debts in full including all our costs.

The original creditor’s solicitor also engaged us to successfully collect several debts for them.


Process Serving Success Stories

In September 2018 we were engaged by a well known law firm to serve proceedings from the District Court on a Defendant. The Defendant was initially difficult to track down but eventually we were able to convince the Defendant to meet with us and accept service.

Almost two years later in June 2020 and many thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars later, the same law firm engaged us to serve Bankruptcy Proceedings on the same Defendant for the same matter.

After serving the Bankruptcy Notice, the Defendant then claimed he was not served with the District Court proceedings in September 2018. This was going to halt the whole bankruptcy process and could have resulted in the matter going back to court and costing the law firms client many thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately for the Defendant but fortunately for the law firm and their client, we have water tight processes documenting service and we were able to produce text messages from the Defendant to our process server agreeing to meet at the place he was served, a description of what he would be wearing when we met and even photos of our agent handing the documents to the Defendant wearing the same clothes outlined in his text messages. Because of our extensive record keeping and documenting of service, the Defendant’s claims of not being served were not upheld.